Terms of Travel

Terms of Travel

Welcome to Seven Points Travel Ltd. Agency’s website. Enjoy your browsing for holidays worldwide and airline tickets.
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Seven Points Travel Ltd. Owns a Tour agent license № PK – 01-7680 issued by the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria.
Seven Points Travel Ltd. is the administrator of an online reservation system for airline tickets integrated at www.fly-points.com . Upon request by telephone or e-mail, Seven Points Travel Ltd. also offers deals for hotel reservations, car rental reservations, event management and other tourist services.
Below are our general and specific terms and conditions that are mandatory for each purchase and / or inquiry for airline tickets made online or by phone. Please read the terms and conditions before booking a ticket.
The Internet reservation system provides our Client with the opportunity to search, select and book airline tickets for the seven continents, flights operated by regular or low-cost airlines. Our online booking system is linked to Amadeus's global E-power reservation system, which shows real-world flight rates worldwide.
Customer is any individual or legal person using the Reservation System and / or this web page or sends a telephone or email inquiry to book an airline ticket, hotel accommodation and / or other tourist services.
The use of the reservation system and the website is conditional upon the acceptance of the rules and conditions of Seven Points Travel Ltd. All content and information on this website, including the prices and availability of passenger services and the means of securing it, are owned by Seven Points Travel Ltd. or its suppliers and providers (airlines, hotels and tour operators). By accessing and using the Website in any way, you agree that you accept the terms and conditions between you and Seven Points Travel Ltd. Each product displayed on our website is subject to separate terms and conditions. Please read them as this is your responsibility before buying the product.

• Terms of use of the Reservation System and the website are the acceptance of the general terms and conditions of Seven Points Travel Ltd. The General Terms and Conditions apply from the moment you open this webpage and apply to all services offered by Seven Points Travel Ltd., including when you purchase the relevant service over the phone. By accessing and using the website in any way you express your consent to the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, and between you and Seven Points Travel Ltd. a contractual relationship arises. Therefore we strongly recommend that you read them carefully and in case you do not agree with them, please discontinue the use of the website and the services offered by the booking system immediately. If you have questions about the Terms of Service, please contact us at the following email address: air@fly-points.com ; Reservation@fly-points.com .
• In order to prevent any misunderstanding, please note that these Terms and Conditions regulate the reservation and purchase of airline tickets through www.fly-points.com as well as the reservation of hotel rooms, car rental and other tourist services offered by Seven Points Travel Ltd. Conditions of carriage, including but not limited to a change of reservation, baggage allowance, cancellation of a ticket, etc. are governed by the specific conditions of the respective carrier's fare and its acceptance by the customer is a prerequisite for the purchase of an airline ticket. Therefore, before making a reservation, please carefully read the relevant fare and note that you understand and accept it. If you have a problem with relying on the fare conditions directly provided by the airline, please do not hesitate to seek Seven Points Travel Ltd support. In case you do not accept the terms of the respective tariff, please immediately stop the reservation you have made and check the conditions of the other tariffs proposed in the results after your search in the booking system.
• This website and its online reservation system are for personal and non-commercial use. Without the express written consent of Seven Points Travel Ltd. no one can use the reservation system for commercial purposes. All content and information on this web site (including the prices and availability of passenger services) as well as the means of securing it are owned by Seven Points Travel Ltd or by suppliers and providers (airlines, hotels, tour operators, etc.).
• The reservation system of Seven Points Travel Ltd. may only be used by persons who have reached the age of 18 and are not subject to full or limited guardianship. The user confirms that he is legally incumbent and is not accused under the Bulgarian legislation in force and that there are no obstacles to accepting contractual obligations.
• The client accepts full financial responsibility for the use of the internet reservation system and the costs of booking and purchasing the services offered on the website.
• The Customer accepts to use the Internet reservation system in a manner consistent with the General Terms and Conditions and the effective legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria and to avoid any illegal activities. If, as a result of the use of the Reservation System or the use of the services, damages are caused to Seven Points Travel Ltd., employees, suppliers and / or partners of the company, the responsibility for correcting them is at the client's expense.
• The customer is not entitled to make a reservation (s) under a fake or alien name and to make payments for airline tickets or other services with a fake or foreign credit card without the consent of the owner of the credit card and to make false or false payment orders for Bank transfer. For such acts or suspicions of actions prohibited by the current legislation, Seven Points Travel Ltd. shall immediately refer the matter to the competent authorities and take appropriate judicial measures.
• The Client accepts full responsibility for the data he / she has stated in the online reservation system, including but not limited to choosing the starting and ending date of the trip, destinations, carrier, price, passenger and payer details, agreeing to the terms of the fare.
• The customer should be informed about the visa requirements for the country concerned, for which he purchases an air ticket and obtains all necessary visas and documents for his seamlessly travel. Seven Points Travel Ltd. is not responsible if the Customer is denied travel due to lack of a valid passport, identity card, visa or any other documents required by the law of the destination country.
• The customer must check with Seventh Points Travel Ltd. at least 72 hours before the booked flight time whether the airline has not changed the originally scheduled flight time or any other part of the route if we have not been able to contact the customer. If we cannot get in touch with customers and his flight has a schedule change, Seven Points Travel is not responsible for further changes.
• In case of payment of an airline ticket with a credit or debit card for security reasons, the user must confirm his reservation by phone +359 897742215 for less than 24 hours before the flight.
• Seven Points Travel Ltd. Advises our clients to get acquainted with the political situation in the country they wish to visit and informs them that we are not responsible in case of crackdowns, strikes, military actions, etc. Similar circumstances in the respective country that would cause harm to the User.
• The customer has the right to make one copy of the confirmation of the service he has purchased. Customer does not have the right to modify, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, or create derivative works, transmit, sell or resell any information, software, products or services from this website. In case of found violations, SEVEN POINTS TRAVEL Ltd will undertake the measures envisaged in the legislation in force to protect its rights and interests.
• Seven Points Travel Ltd provides up-to-date and accurate information on its website. If you find that incorrect information has been posted, please contact us immediately.

• All flight times that are listed in the tickets and online are in local times.
• Flight check-ins are made at the airline's counters at the airport. They are open 2 hours before departure time for international flights and 1 hour for domestic flights. Seven Points Travel recommends that all our customers have 3 hours at the airport before departure time for international flights.
• A passenger who is late for check-in hours loses his right over the ticket, i.e. he has no ticket. Seven Points Travel is not responsible for non-observance of check-in times for its customers. However, we will do our best for our customers in these situations.
• Changes of the ticket, such as changing dates, etc., are most often paid according to the ticket policy or are not allowed. The ticket policy is determined by each specific airline and is different for the different fares. Please inform yourself about the rules of your ticket by calling or emailing us.
• Seven Points Travel is not responsible for the validity and availability of travel documents for its customers. The passenger bears the sole responsibility for the required travel documents.
• For the Schengen countries a two-way airline ticket, a foreign passport valid for 6 months from arrival in the country, a medical insurance and a residence address are required.
• For countries requiring a visa, you can be informed by calling us on the phone numbers listed on the agency's website.
• For passengers under 18 years of age, a certified statement from both parents is required. And if they travel only with one parent, such a declaration is required by the other parent.
• For more information on luggage, please contact us.
• No sharp, cutting, explosive and inflammable objects and liquids are allowed in hand luggage.
• If you have a problem with damaged or lost luggage, please contact the airline you flown with or the airport service.
• Special discounts are eligible for persons over 60, babies, children, students and young people. Special discounts are also available for groups of over 6 people. Special discounts are also available for sailors.

Prices and Payments

The quoted prices from SEVEN POINTS TRAVEL Ltd are in Euro and are paid in BGN at a rate of 1.956 BGN for 1 EUR.
Payments are accepted with a bank card via Virtual POS Terminal (comming soon),
PayPal (comming soon),
Cash in our offices,
or by bank transfer to an account of travel agent, one of the below mentioned bank accounts:

Bank Account :
IBAN: BG09RZBB91551008315201

In case of bank transfer, the User is obliged to enter the booking code received from the internet reservation system.
In the event that the User chooses a payment method - by bank transfer, the payment must be made as soon as possible in order to keep the booked price and place for the flight concerned. Most airlines allow within 24 hours of completing the booking to remain unchanged but there are tariffs that require the issue and respectively the payment of the ticket to be made on the same day and therefore if the Customer is unable to make the bank Transfer within the day of booking the client must confirm the price and the status of your reservation with a travel consultant of SEVEN POINTS TRAVEL Ltd before transferring the amount in the first case. In the event that the tariff has a longer period for issuance of the ticket and provided that the User has transferred the entire amount due to the account of SEVEN POINTS TRAVEL Ltd as well as to send a copy of the payment order by fax or e-mail " SEVEN POINTS TRAVEL Ltd will issue the air ticket in accordance with the updated and confirmed by the client details of the booked flight. In the event that within the aforementioned period the User fails to make the payment or fails to send a confirmation of payment and consequently the reservation is canceled or the price is changed by the airline "SEVEN POINTS TRAVEL" Ltd. is not responsible for this.
If the price of the booked air ticket is increased between the booking of the air ticket and the confirmation of the bank transfer (copy of the payment order) from SEVEN POINTS TRAVEL Ltd., we shall immediately inform our client. If the customer agrees with the renewed price or other details that have changed due to the delayed payment, he / she shall pay the difference in the prices, if any, by bank transfer and send a copy of the payment order to "SEVEN POINTS TRAVEL" Ltd. by fax or e-mail. After receiving a copy of the payment order, "SEVEN PONTS TRAVEL" Ltd. will take action on the issuance of the booked airline ticket.
In case the customer paid with his credit card/ debit card only the price of the airfare + airport charges but due to card blocking from the POS issuer bank with manual card entry, limited limit, or other reasons impeding The charging of the service fee from the card provided by the customer, independent of SEVEN POINTS TRAVEL EOOD, SEVEN POINTS TRAVEL EOOD is connected with the CUSTOMER and he must immediately take action to pay the amount due and Using an alternative method of payment: 1. provision of another credit card or 2. bank transfer.
In case that non of the alternative payments is non acceptable to the customer and he bought a regular airline ticket the customer may cancel the issued ticket without any charge if the cancellation is made by the same day of the issuance. If the customer bought a ticket from a low-fare airline, he is not antitled to cancel. Upon refusal of the User to pay the due fee for the issuance of a ticket and / or its non-payment within 2 days, SEVEN POINTS TRAVEL Ltd. has the right to cancel the ticket at the expense of the User on grounds of non-observance of the agreed terms by the User. Upon receipt of the due amount, SEVEN POINTS TRAVEL Ltd. has the right to withhold or cancel the issued tickets without bearing any liability to the User for damages. The obligation of the User to pay the fee for issuing the ticket to SEVEN POINTS TRAVEL Ltd. remains in force after the cancellation of the ticket.

In the event that payment is made by bank card, refunds to customers of SEVEN POINTS TRAVEL Ltd. shall be made within 30 working days by ordering a reverse transaction on the card with which the payment was made after written confirmation by the client with valid and complete bank details.
The fee for issuing the ticket, the service fee and the commission for the service are not recoverable, regardless of the reasons for canceling the respective airline ticket or other service provided.

• The Customer agrees to deliver personal data to SEVEN POINTS TRAVEL in connection with the performance of the services provided by the aforementioned. The customer agrees to their storing and processing in the database of our reservation system.
• The customer agrees to provide its personal data to the supplier from whom the service was purchased (airline, hotel, car rental provider, cruises, etc.).
• The customer agrees to provide us with the name and e-mail address of his mail, which he has indicated when booking third parties with whom SEVEN POINTS TRAVEL Ltd has concluded agreements on the protection of personal data. Our client may at any time waive the receipt of commercial information.
• For the purpose of purchasing air tickets or booking a different tourist service, the customer agrees to submit its personal information and processing on our behalf.
• The data provided by the customer are fully protected, but SEVEN POINTS TRAVEL Ltd does not guarantee that an unauthorized person will never have access to your data.
• "SEVEN POINTS TRAVEL" Ltd. is an administrator of personal data within the meaning of LPDP and will process the personal data of the client for fulfillment of his reservation obligations.
• • "SEVEN POINTS TRAVEL" Ltd. is obliged not to disclose the personal data of the client to third parties. The provision and access to this data may only be made where "SEVEN POINTS TRAVEL" Ltd is legally obliged to submit the data to the respective public authorities and organizations or has been duly requested by such bodies in the appropriate order; When the employee has explicitly given his or her consent to disclosure; Or in other cases provided for in the Law on the Protection of Personal Data; In relation to information that does not individualize a particular person.