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Discover how far your Points can take you.


Ever asked a friend which credit card or loyalty program was right for you? Fly Points came about from a personal desire to be smarter about this. While cash can take you far; you're leaving significant value at the table, if you don't leverage the various programs put in place to inspire loyalty and usage. This is worth its weight in gold.

Whether you're a novice just figuring out the existence of such programs; or a seasoned enthusiast who's looking to fine tune their Earn/Burn strategy across multiple credit card, airline and hotel loyalty programs; Fly Points is for you. So give us a call and let us help you. Or browse and learn for yourself.. how far can your Points really take you?

About Us


Fly Points helped me discover dirt cheap tickets to Dubai. And a suite upgrade at the hotel, to boot! Love it.

Nidhi Thakkar

Our Guides



Samar Baveja

I'm a self professed points nerd. A hotelier by profession, I've spent over 15 years learning about the industry and building my network within this space.

Anne Oliver

I'm an ex-banker. Having learnt everything there is to learn in the Loyalty and CRM space, I've chosen to branch out and use my powers for good!

Alex Mills

Commercial pilot by day, and professional suite upgrade receiver by night, I've perfect the art of making the most of airline points to a science.



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